Welcome to the story of US.

History · US

Why is it US? US stands for the Untold Stories of the past that are never readily available when we learn the history of the world. In many cases what we have learned in our history class in school is all that we know about history. Basically what we were forced to learn. But what if we didn’t get the full story and there were a lot of details that were left out of the true story?

This blog will serve that purpose. Yeah yeah, we know all the standard history, but how about the things they don’t tell you? As I have gotten older, my quench for learning about the past has become stronger as I have started to learn about all the innuendos of stories past. Things “they” don’t want you to know or isn’t thought of as important, which reshapes the history we were taught, maybe giving us a different perspective. Allowing us to perhaps relate to the story more because it explains the human side of things.

So get ready to come along on the journey with me to journey into past times which includes the things they forgot to add to the story. Or even learn some useless facts that add to a story you once thought you knew in its entirety. I promise you, it will make you go “agh” and “oh really”. Let’s expand the picture we once had and make it a full picture of histories past and delve into the history of the world, told in technicolor, no longer just black and white.

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